Get The Versatile Cannabis Concentrates You Want

Get The Versatile Cannabis Concentrates You Want

Discover different options at our cannabis store in Burton, MI

If you're looking to add some variety to your marijuana experience, consider adding cannabis concentrates to your supply. Dort Hwy Dispo is a cannabis store in Burton, MI with many different options for both medicinal and recreational use, including both Sativa and Indica strains. Choose from products like...

  • Live resins with high terpene content for bold flavors
  • Waxes like budders and crumbles to take your experience to the next level
  • THCA isolates for quick, powerful results

You can also find dab tablets and oil. Check out our large selection of cannabis concentrates when you come to our store in Burton, MI today.

Why you should choose Dort Hwy Dispo

Turning the cannabis plant into cannabis extract requires highly-specialized techniques. Make sure you shop at a cannabis store that you can rely on to deliver quality products every time.

Dort Hwy Dispo is dedicated to providing a large selection of high-quality products. Each of our marijuana products is lab-tested so you can rest assured that you're purchasing top-shelf concentrates.

Call us at 810-337-1420 to find out more.